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ANNOUNCEMENT: Imagine 2050 blogcast will air Monday on 89.5FM in Chicago!

Sarah Viets • Sep 15, 2008

Recently, 89.5 FM in Chicago aired Noah Chandler’s August podcast, Imagine 2050’s audio blogger! In fact, the radio station based an entire show off of Imagine 2050’s premise and Noah’s interviews.

Since then 89.5 FM has repeatedly run his blogcast and will rebroadcast his interviews on the airwaves or net-waves today, Monday, September 15, 2008 on their 1pm– 4pm program.

Please tune in from 1pm – 2pm central time at www.vocalo.org for the portion of the program that will feature Imagine 2050 and Noah’s interviews.

Show Imagine 2050 your support and take a moment to listen, call, email, and text 89.5 Monday afternoon between 1:00pm-4:00pm Central Time.

Thanks for your support!

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