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Audio: September 2008 Blogcast

Noah Chandler • Sep 19, 2008

Around the globe people have always immigrated from one country to another. The U.S. is a unique place in that our nation was founded on exactly that movement of people. Since day one a multitude of cultures and ethnicities have made the United States home. In my eyes, this mix of people defines exactly what it means to be American.
However, even with that history there remains a heavy mythology around immigration, immigrants and national boundaries. But we don’t have to get caught up in the obsessiveness of those that want to make the issue seem more difficult than it really is.
With this idea of simplicity in mind, we hear from Ken Oshmansky, a Russian immigrant who takes us into his home and shares a bit about himself, his music and what it means for him to be American.

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Music used:

  • “Where’d My America Go?” – Lucky Man Clark
  • (various tracks) – Ken Oshmansky

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