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Another Chapter to the Eternal Struggle

Guest Blogger • Oct 03, 2008

Last night, the Chicago Cubs added another interesting chapter to their year and their long struggle against the powers that be. Painted all year long as the team that was capable of going all the way to the World Series, the Cubs showed their true colors last night.

With their illustrious ace Carlos Zambrano taking the mound, the Cubs felt a little less pressure than perhaps they should have going into Game 2. Zambrano cruised through the first inning but hit a brick wall in the second as the infield of the Cubs completely folded. As a result, the Dodgers scored five runs in the inning catapulting them to a commanding lead in the game and the series.

For many unfortunate fans, last night may be the last time they see they boys in blue at home. One of my major questions for Cubs fans is why there is so much pressure to win it all? It is as if the fact that they made the playoffs is not good enough.

Sure we would all like to see our teams be as good as they can be and succeed to the fullest extent, but when they do not, can’t we take solace in the fact that our team was better than a whole host of other teams.

I find this fact to be especially true with many Cubs fans though. And that is what I think really bothers me about them. There’s a sort of pomposity that goes with thinking, oh yeah, we are so good we don’t even have to play all the games. We should just get the trophy right now. This was the type of pomposity that was going on during the last month or so of the Cubs regular season, especially around their division clinching win against the Cardinals.

Unfortunately all the games must be played and attitude does not trump the ability to overcome the Cubs losing history. The playoffs are a wonderful time for baseball and until the Cubs and their fans learn to appreciate and properly prepare for every game and not just the World Series, they will be sealing their own fates.

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