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Social Contract Press Lies to American Voters

Jill Garvey • Oct 09, 2008

I smell desperation.

And the stench is coming from the direction of John Tanton’s clique of bigoted-nativist groups.

A few days ago, a report was released by Social Contract Press. The report, titled “How Many Non-Citizen Voters? Enough to Make a Difference,” is such a blatant and despicable attempt to fabricate a false controversy around voter fraud that I’m refusing to post a link to the report.

This is the second report in so many weeks that has tried to paint the immigrant population as a threat to American livelihoods, and I’m fed up with their pack of lies. They would have us believe that the election will be decided by non-citizen voters. Does Social Contract Press really expect us to believe that there are hordes of non-citizens out there in the shadows deviously planning the demise of American democracy by voting?

It’s far more likely that Social Contract Press is feeling the scorn of a country embracing change; a nation that is increasingly understanding, one that actively rejects racism and bigotry.

But, when yours is among one of the 15 groups identified as an anti-immigrant hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), it must be pretty scary to see Latino citizens gearing up to vote next month. This is especially the case it seems for the editors of Social Contract Press, like Wayne Lutton, who has spent the last 25 years trying to portray Latinos as inferior beings.

Lutton is a known white nationalist who has been, and continues to be, intimately involved with hard line hate organizations:

  • He’s been a speaker at Council of Conservative Citizens (CofCC) events, a white separatist organization that denounces racial integration and opposes non-European immigration to the United States. He also served on the editorial advisory board of Citizens Informer, CofCC’s quarterly newspaper, as well as the editorial advisory board of The Occidental Quarterly, an anti-Semitic journal that defends the cultural, ethnic, and racial interests of Western European peoples.”
  • As well, Lutton was a director at the National Policy Institute, an advocacy organization for white Americans, and he served as a trustee of the New Century Foundation – better known as American Renaissance – a white nationalist group that describe themselves as “race realists.”

Social Contract Press is also responsible for the shameless publication of The Camp of the Saints, an overtly racist novel favored as leisure reading for myriad racial extremists. The publisher of Social Contract Press, John Tanton, considered the “puppet master” of the modern-day anti-immigrant movement, is the founder and a current board of directors member of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), an organization designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

As we have discussed before on this blog, Tanton maintains ties with notorious white nationalists and white supremacists such as Virginia Abernethy, Sam Francis, Jared Taylor, and the Pioneer Fund, a philanthropy organization that exists solely to fund research into “eugenics.” Backers of this faux-scientific discipline claim that white-Europeans are genetically superior to all other ethnic groups.

Voter fraud, as was mentioned, certainly should be an issue that’s taken seriously, as should violations of federal laws that relate to voter registration. According to an article in today’s New York Times, key states are improperly blocking eligible voters:

“’States have been trying to follow the Help America Vote Act of 2002 and remove the names of voters who should no longer be listed; but for every voter added to the rolls in the past two months in some states, election officials have removed two, a review of the records shows’,” says NYT’s columnist Ian Urbina, ‘The six swing states seem to be in violation of federal law in two ways. Michigan and Colorado are removing voters from the rolls within 90 days of a federal election, which is not allowed except when voters die, notify the authorities that they have moved out of state, or have been declared unfit to vote. Indiana, Nevada, North Carolina and Ohio seem to be improperly using Social Security data to verify registration applications for new voters’.”

With all their voter fraud hyperbole and lies, clearly Social Contract Press is trying to distract the American public from real election issues.

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