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Update: Rosanna Pulido Loses Republican Support

Jill Garvey • Apr 02, 2009

Recently a treasure chest of derogatory remarks made by Rosanna Pulido (Republican nominee for Illinois’ 5th Congressional District) came to light.

Pulido has been posting comments online for years under the pseudonym Chicagolady. Initially, Rosanna’s supporters tried to stand by her, but it has become exceedingly clear that she hasn’t met an ethnic and religious group she can tolerate.

Pulido has branded herself around the campaign slogan “Common Sense for Illinois 5″, but nothing much about her makes sense. For starters she has worked for the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) for many years.

FAIR is listed as a hate group, alongside the Ku Klux Klan, by the civil rights organization the Southern Poverty Law Center. This should have been a tip off to Illinois voters, but Rosanna has repeatedly toned down her anti-immigrant rhetoric in a flagrant play for mainstream support. On her website she says, “But I am just a regular citizen. I don’t have the support or financial backing of a huge, corrupt party behind me — that’s why I need people like YOU behind me.”

Too bad Rosanna doesn’t have the support of Illinois organizations that are champions for regular people.

Several groups sent a letter to Illinois Republican Party Chairman, Andrew McKenna, requesting that he repudiate Pulido’s hateful statements. Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights also released a statement yesterday denouncing Rosanna’s hate speech and citing several more of her disparaging remarks:

Rosanna Pulido has also attacked viciously the gay community. In a post by Chicagolady dated November 7, 2007. “Face it, its better to be in a meat packing town than in a fudge packing town.” Another post on November 18, 2008: “Great! Now the gays can indoctrinate the other kids who are struggling, they will be told that they have gay tendencies and be lead along like sheep to the slaughter.”

On Mexicans: “I lived in Mexico for a year. I was ripped off the worst by the Bible students. It is so cultural to rip people off they do not see that it is wrong. It’s culture.”

At least a few Illinois Republicans have had enough.

We previously reported that Moon Khan, a York Township Trustee and Asian American Liaison of DuPage County’s Republican Party, was holding steady with his endorsement of Rosanna, believing that she was sincerely sorry for her disgusting insults against Muslims. Yesterday, Mr. Khan rescinded his endorsement of Ms. Pulido in the following letter:

Dear Ms. Rosanna Pulido,

In the tradition of Islamic forgiveness, while I still believe in pardoning you for pronouncing some hateful remarks against Muslims, assuming it might have happened in a moment of rage and ignorance, the continuous revelations of plethora of your provocative statements, which were completely unknown to me until a few days ago, delineate a disturbing mindset.

Several community organizations that include Illinois Coalition of Immigrant and Refugee Rights, Council of American-Islamic Relations, Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago, Jewish Council of Urban Affairs, Priests for Justice for Immigrants, and other civic organizations and friends of mine, whose judgments I highly respect, have been referring to clippings of your quotes, published on blogs under the pseudonym of Chicagolady, demonstrate that while advocating your viewpoints you frequently transgressed the boundary of robust discussion and veered off to demonize and dehumanize the groups you wanted to oppose.

Considering this transgression, which is antithetical to one of the core values and attributes of a leader, I experience deep anguish in continuing my endorsement, which I extended to you earlier without the knowledge of the newly revealed testimonials of yours.

As such, I withdraw my endorsement for you for the Illinois’ 5th Congressional District seat and request you to remove the endorsement text and my picture off your website.

Take care,

Moon Khan

York Township Trustee

Asian American Liaison of DuPage County Republican Party


Looks like Rosanna’s toxic tongue has alienated her former allies. Khan aptly demonstrates what every politician in Illinois should already know: hate and bigotry don’t have a place on either side of the aisle.

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