Roy Beck (NumbersUSA) is a Big Fat Liar

Eric Ward • Jun 16, 2009

“But ‘whatever our past may have been’ was the same as what we are now. NumbersUSA has never had connections with white supremacists — not in the past, not in the present, not in the future.”

So goes the promises of Roy Beck, Executive Director of the anti-immigrant organization NumbersUSA, in response to a blog I wrote on June 8th, “NumbersUSA Addicted to Bigotry.” Beck wrote his response as part of a larger piece that is available at the NumbersUSA website.

I wonder if Beck would be willing to explain the photo below:

This image was taken from the Winter 1997/98 issue of the Citizens Informer, the publication of the white-nationalist, pro-segregationist Council of Conservative Citizens (The Council). The top image is of Roy “never had connections with white supremacists” Beck presenting his “Immigration by the Numbers” speech at the Council’s National Conference in November of 1997.

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