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Reviewed: Food, Inc.

Jill Garvey • Jun 28, 2009

Even as someone who has extensive knowledge of the US food system, this film was shocking. An extremely absorbing two-hour look into the US food system from seed to sale. From the farmers whose every decision is controlled by giant corporations to the mother who lost her little boy to E. Coli, Food, Inc. keeps the focus on real people. Nice to see too, a film that goes beyond the usual complaints about Wal-Mart and gets down to the hidden culprits, like Monsanto, Smithfield, Tyson, the FDA, etc.

“You look at the labels and you see farmer this, farmer that. It’s really just three or four companies that are controlling the meat. We’ve never had food companies this big and this powerful in our history.”

– Eric Schlosser, author of “Fast Food Nation.”

Most of the widely publicized undercover work into meat processing plants has been done by animal rights groups. While Americans should certainly be concerned about the way their food is treated, there has been little to no focus on the workers in these plants who are often treated no better than the animals put up for slaughter. Thankfully, the creators of Food, Inc. took the time to explain the devastating effects of NAFTA and how immigrants to our country are cooperatively used up by food corporations and spit back out by ICE agents. It is a sick and twisted relationship our government has with food corporations in order to maximize profit. Scary, smart, and relevant; I’m recommending it to everyone.

But this isn’t just a movie, it’s a campaign. Learn more at www.takepart.com.

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