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The New Future is One of Bright Individuality

George Garza • Aug 06, 2009

It took nearly two weeks after my trip to Detroit for the Allied Media Conference to get back into the swing of things here at home. An overabundance of inspiration and a new charge of progressive ambition landed me back in Texas with triumph on the brain.

I have seen, heard, and experienced refreshing insights from around the globe only to realize that this network of proactive pioneers has always existed. This loose-knit family of dreamers and hopefuls stretches beyond all borders of race, nationality, class, and age.

The 5 days I spent in Detroit were all too grand.

The setting was captivating enough; a once thriving industrial mecca now in a rebuilding phase since the apparent collapse of the American automobile addiction complex. This new phase in a post-industrial capital is ushered in on the backs of citizens driven to keep the community united under a flag of resilient love.

Perhaps this observation is one-sided due to the fact that I was bathing in a sea of go-getters. Nonetheless, I felt that I was among friends.

I met senior citizens who are successfully educating themselves and each other about the digital revolution, tapping into new technologies, communicating with their family and friends through the internet (which even for many 40-somethings is unimaginable), pushing for national broadband policies to create cutting-edge healthcare via internal monitors that can be operated from a doctor’s office miles away.

I had the pleasure of meeting the politically conscious latino hip-hop trio Rebel Diaz and was captivated by the story of their independent art collective who united first under MUSIC in support of their friends with no interest in our sometimes questionable government. Now, and notably through RD’s music-with-a-message, this community has not only bonded as a family, ensuring that the group can tour in good faith that their space will be maintained, they have also begun to find their individual voices, joining in with their mentors recently to speak out in a music video directed at Mayor Bloomberg. Check it:

I also attended a lunch caucus hosted by Prometheus Radio Project with fellow Low Power FM Radio policy-pushers. My advice to them: ORGANIZE THE MUSICIANS IN YOUR AREA! EDUCATE THEM AND THEY WILL REALIZE THEIR STAKE IN THESE MATTERS. You’ll hear more about this soon.

Indeed there is much more I could say about the conference, but you might miss the point.

Change is all around us

…and it didn’t begin in November.

It has been here all along.

It lives and breathes on our streets, in our neighborhood, and everyday it is stronger. One by one, and yet in great multitudes, people around the world are realizing that they are alive and through stories of inspiration they are compelled to act, knowing that if they can see it, hear it, experience it, then it is real.

Our President Obama has issued a call to each of us urging that we get involved and volunteer our time this summer to a cause greater than ourselves. I urge that you involve yourself in something inspiring, rewarding, and most of all, EMPOWERING.

The new future is one of bright individuality.

Enjoy it.
For Cloee Cooper’s blog about Rebel Diaz’s experiences with police brutality, click.

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