Imagine 2050 Anniversary Celebration – Thursday, Aug 27!

George Garza • Aug 26, 2009

This week my band brothers and I journey to the heart of the midwest. Our destination: Chicago, Illinois.

We are en route to the Imagine2050 First Annual Anniversary Celebration, extremely excited to experience our first U.S. performance outside of Texas. This coming Thursday is the milestone marking night commemorating a successful launch year for Center for New Community‘s visionary blog site. The party is free and we are sharing the stage with an eclectic mix of music acts. Festivities start a 8:30pm inside Chicago’s Underground Lounge. In case you’d like to attend, here’s the map.

We are honored to be a part of the evening and are respecting the opportunity by clearing out an entire week from our work schedules back home.

We are documenting this landmark occasion; the first of what we hope are many travels to share our music with the world. We invite you to tune in.

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