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Announcing the Image 2050 Video Contest Winners!

Stephen Piggott • Aug 29, 2009

(And a look back at the Imagine 2050 Anniversary Celebration)

Before I announce the winners of the 2009 video contest, I would like to say a few words about Imagine 2050 and the recent celebration. It has been nearly a year since I started  writing for Imagine 2050, and in the past year I have seen the blog grow and improve immensely. The blog’s contributors and content are of the utmost quality and I consider myself lucky to be writing for such a unique and inspiring outlet. Whether it’s Eric or Dave’s hard hitting editorials, Jill’s dry humor and sarcasm, or Katie’s thought provoking environmental pieces, the blog is a joy to read.

On Thursday night at the Underground Lounge in Chicago, Image 2050 celebrated its one year anniversary with many of its contributors, readers, and amazing bands. I would personally like to thank Dead Town Revival, Pop Pistol, and 1773 for their fantastic performances on stage. The party was a tremendous success and it was great to see many new people joining our mailing list and inquiring about Imagine 2050 and the Turn It Down Campaign. I would like to thank our host for the night, Beth Stelling, and everyone who showed up for making the event a big success.

And now on to the important business of announcing the winners of our first ever video contest. The video contest was also very successful with 18 different videos submitted to our judges. The videos ranged from funny to serious to inspirational, and in the end choosing a winner and 2 runners up was very difficult. Submissions were judged on creativity, technical merit, originality and overall impact.

First, the runners up who will receive Flip Ultra video cameras:

“Image 2050” by Miguel437

This video was fantastically produced and conveyed a strong message that echoes the principles of Imagine 2050.

The next runner up was:

“What’s in a Name” by GGarza

This video demonstrates the struggle many youth encounter between wishing to be true to their cultural identity, but also wanting to fit in to American society.

And finally the $500 winner:

“Our Voice” by Lensflarecreations

This film illustrated the important contributions of individuals of all ages and different backgrounds. It scored highest among the four judging categories and truly embodies the Imagine 2050 spirit.

Congratulations and thank you to all of our contestants for their great submissions! I encourage everyone to keep reading Imagine 2050 and to look out for our new and improved site launching very soon!

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