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Cross-Post: Georgia Bans Undocumented Students From Public Universities

Imagine 2050 Staff • Oct 17, 2010

Color Lines reports on the banning of undocumented students from attending public universities in Georgia. Georgia becomes the third state after Alabama and South Carolina to restrict undocumented students from seeking some form of higher education:

The state of Georgia has banned undocumented immigrants from attending public colleges and universities. The board of regents voted 14-2* to prohibit public universities from enrolling students without papers in any school that has rejected other qualified applicants for the past two years due to lack of space.

The vote makes Georgia one of three states to bar undocumented immigrants from higher education. South Carolina passed a more restrictive law in 2008 that bans undocumented applicants from matriculating into any public university whatsoever. Alabama does not allow undocumented people to enter two year community colleges.

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