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Election 2010: the Weird, the Bad, the Ugly

MJ Olahafa • Oct 29, 2010

The November 2 midterm elections have the anti-immigrant movement up in arms. In a year during which immigration has become a hot button issue, anti-immigrant groups have been working overtime trying to put the message of hate into the ears of whoever is listening. Endorsements have been rampant as an attempt by these groups to nudge voters in the ‘right’ direction.

Anti-immigrant group NumbersUSA put out report cards, grading candidates on their stance on immigration. ‘A’ graders support all anti-immigration measures: “opposing amnesty, attrition through enforcement, mandating E-Verify, assisting local police, funding entry/exit system, defunding sanctuary cities, border security, ending birthright citizenship, ending chain migration, ending visa lotteries, opposing guest worker programs and reducing total immigration.”

That’s bad enough but as the saying goes, it’s all just fun and games until a white supremacist gets involved. That’s when things get ugly. And they did.

Earlier this week, Brad Griffin aka “Hunter Wallace,” writer for the overtly white supremacist website Occidental Dissent, put out his own list of endorsements. Over 130 candidates are on his list, and all are running on an anti-immigrant platform and have received the “true reformer” seal of approval from NumbersUSA. Wallace, in his article, directs his readership back to NumbersUSA’s report cards. NumbersUSA is part of an array of anti-immigrant groups founded or funded by John Tanton, a white nationalist who has single-handedly orchestrated the anti-immigrant movement in the U.S. Also part of the Tanton Network are Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) and Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) among others.

A sampling of the candidates endorsed by Hunter Wallace includes Brian Bilbray (R-CA), Sue Myrick (R-NC), John Boozman (R-AR), Tom Tancredo (Constitution – CO), Gene Taylor (D-MS), and Walt Minnick (D-ID).

In Wallace’s own words:

“I will flatly state that immigration is by far the most important issue facing the White Nationalist community. In the long run, changing racial demographics will determine the electoral context in which every other issue is decided, and ultimately the fate of our race on this continent.”

He continues, making his intentions very clear:

“In the Senate, Sharron Angle (an A+ hardliner) could knock off Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (an F- race traitor). Tom Tancredo, who has done more than anyone in America to fight illegal immigration, could become the next Governor of Colorado.”[…] “There are no social or economic consequences to pushing the House and Senate in our direction on immigration. There will be racial consequences to letting our enemies win these important races.”

This is not the first time that white supremacists have attempted to hijack the debate on immigration. These candidates should think hard about the kind of organizations they want to be associated with. I’m guessing a white supremacist website might not make the cut.

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