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Video: What is the John Tanton Network?

Imagine 2050 Staff • Apr 17, 2011

This video provides the facts on the Tanton Network, its creator John Tanton, and the many ties the anti-immigrant movement has to white nationalism.

The anti-immigrant law passed in Arizona last year was introduced by Arizona republican Russell Pearce (shown here hugging a neo-Nazi) and drafted by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (a designated hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center).  And now this law has inspired other states to introduce and  pass similar legislation with the help of anti-immigrant groups like FAIR and NumbersUSA.

The Rachel Maddow Show exposed FAIR’s ties to white nationalism shortly after the passage of SB 1070.

Lawyers for FAIR’s legal arm, the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI), helped draft the draconian law.  FAIR was founded in 1979 by white nationalist John Tanton.  As the litigation arm of the John Tanton Network, IRLI’s primary purpose is to push legal causes that unfairly target immigrant communities.

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