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Cross-Post: Support grows to help East Bay immigrant get kidney transplant

Imagine 2050 Staff • Feb 04, 2012

Originally posted by the Mercury News on February 4, 2012.

An effort to save the life of an Oakland father who was denied an organ transplant because of his immigration status has gained a legion of supporters across the country.

Jesus Navarro now has a website, an online petition with thousands of supporters, several lawyers and a laundry list of groups organizing on his behalf.

The soft-spoken 35-year-old has a willing donor in his wife and private insurance to pay for a kidney transplant. But UC San Francisco Medical Center refuses to perform the operation because administrators can’t be sure he will be able to afford follow-up care given his status as an illegal immigrant.

Support has poured in for Navarro since this newspaper published his story Tuesday, and his allies are trying to set up a meeting with the UC administrators who turned him down.

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