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Biking Beyond Bigotry Tour Launches in Oregon

Imagine 2050 Staff • Feb 29, 2012

The Center for New Community, a national civil rights organization based in Chicago, is sponsoring its second bicycle speaking tour on wheels, Biking Beyond Bigotry. Over the course of three days, environmentalists from the Northwest will pedal over 130 miles against the greening of hate.

The bikers will set off today from Portland, Oregon, and will end their tour in Eugene, Oregon, on Friday, March 2. Cyclists will be attending the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference at the University Oregon, and hosting a brown bag lunch and private film screening on race, migration, and the environment.

This lunch will take place Saturday, March 3, from 12-2 PM at the Multicultural Affairs Office. There, we will discuss the anti-immigrant movement’s attempts to emphasize US population growth, notions of carrying capacity, and the historic significance of such debates. The private premiere of the documentary film focusing on the first Biking Beyond Bigotry tour, which took place across stops throughout Arizona back in 2011, will follow.

The motivations behind this second tour are to directly counter the greening of hate through awareness, education, and the formation of alliances designed to defeat racism disguised as environmentalism.

We wish the bikers a safe journey through Oregon!

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