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Cross-Post: Mother Jones Maps the Anti-Immigrant Movement

Imagine 2050 Staff • Mar 03, 2012

Originally posted by Mother Jones in the March/April 2012 issue.

The anti-immigration movement has come out swinging in the past several years, writing and proposing hundreds of restrictive state-level bills and berating a president who has deported more than a million people for not being tough enough. During this year’s Republican presidential debates, candidates have peppered their arguments with plans for double-layer border fences, the theory of self-deportation, and even praise for Arizona’s immigration crackdown.

This should come as no surprise, given the myriad connections among border hawk politicians, pundits, advocacy groups, PACs, foundations, and legal advisers. Just below, see all those links—family-tree style. And then scroll (or jump) down to see more an in-depth analysis on the clusters that surround John Tanton | Kris Kobach | Daryl Metcalfe | PAC Funding.

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