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Imagine2050 Releases Special Islamophobia Issue

Imagine 2050 Staff • Mar 06, 2012

Imagine2050’s latest magazine was released today with an entire issue devoted to the growing problem of Islamopobia in the United States. The issue is available for download here.

The magazine, “This Rhetoric is not Cost-Free”: Islamophobia & Nativism in the US, focuses primarily on the growing Islamophobia movement in the United States, and its connections to the already well established nativist movement dominated by the John Tanton Network. The magazine includes in-depth commentary on some of the biggest stories over the past year that centered around Islamophobia, including the Anders Behring Breviek murders in Norway, the September 11th Freedom Rally in Manhattan, and the continued push to pass anti-Sharia laws in the United States.

The magazine examines some of the major players in the Islamophobia movement such as Pamela Geller, Richard Spencer, David Yerushalmi, Brigitte Gabriel, and the organizations they run—ACT! for America, Jihad Watch, Stop! Islamization of America, and Society for Americans for National Existence. It also examines the Islamophobic rhetoric which has been a staple within the John Tanton Network for many years.

The focus of Imagine 2050 continues to be America’s changing demographics, including discussions on how to shape a truly democratic America. Before the year 2050, one out of five Americans will be foreign born. Latino and Asian communities will increase significantly. There will be no clear racial or ethnic majority. We will become a nation of minorities.

Today’s perceptions of foreignness will challenge how Americans identify themselves over the coming decades. In light of these challenges, Imagine 2050 believes the continued promotion of candid conversations around Islamophobia and immigration will become increasingly necessary if America’s democracy is to flourish.

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