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Anti-Immigrant Californians for Population Stabilization Launch New TV Ad Campaign

Imagine 2050 Staff • Aug 14, 2012


CAPS is a state contact group Federation for American Immigration Reform & maintains numerous crossovers with the John Tanton Network at-large

Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS) has continued with their absurd television advertisements, airing them around California and attacking various Senators and Congressional Representatives. The brief ad shows images of racially diverse “jobless Californians,” and describes California’s representatives as “ready to admit one million legal immigrants to the US this year.”

As usual, CAPS’s mixed-up rhetoric and blanket statements entirely miss the point. Immigrants neither steal jobs from more “deserving” Americans, nor do immigrants immediately find employment upon entering the United States as CAPS implies.

CAPS must be held accountable for their scare-tactics, especially when a closer examination of immigrants and jobs reveals a story very different from their advertising message. Since at least 2010, immigrants have dealt with higher unemployment rates than domestic-born citizens. Latinos, who constitute more than half of the foreign-born workforce in the United States, have also experienced higher unemployment in the last year than have their white counterparts.

Though CAPS creeps around the real message of its advertisement, it is clear when taken in context with the organization’s other work: immigrants are an intellectual and physical drain on the economy, and they do not deserve to be extended the same human rights and dignity that the United States supposedly offers to its other residents.

Also interesting is that CAPS seems unconcerned that Senior Writing Fellow, Joe Guzzardi, one of CAPS’ most prolific authors, has a lengthy record writing for the virulently white nationalist website, which is operated by Peter Brimelow. Brimelow himself is an immigrant, albeit a white British male. Another of their Senior Writing Fellows, Michael Cutler, recently appeared on the radio show of a John Birch Society member.


Anti-Immigrant Californians for Population Stabilization Launch New TV Ad Campaign

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