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Brenda Walker Adores European Fascists

Domenic Powell • Oct 31, 2012

Brenda Walker, the West Coast Editor of John Tanton’s The Social Contract and one of VDARE.com’s most dedicated contributors, recently took her anti-Muslim vitriol to a whole new level.

Photo Credit: Anti-Defamation League

In two articles she applauded the actions of the European political parties pro-Köln of Germany and Génération Identitaire of France. Both are historically tied to Nazism, far-right extremist and neo-Nazi skinhead scenes, and political efforts to mainstream fascism as public policy in both countries. Within the last roughly eight years, both parties have taken extremist anti-Muslim positions and focused on banishing Muslims from their respective countries.

Walker highlighted the actions of the “concerned citizens” at Pro-Köln with a post on her personal blog, “Limits to Growth.” Searchlight magazine in England summarizes the history of this group well:

“This outfit began life as ‘pro-Koln’ in 1996, a supposedly “public-spirited” anti-prostitution off-shoot of the Nazi Deutsche Liga fur Volk und Heimat started by right-wing extremist publisher Manfred Rouhs and fascist activist (and now lawyer) Markus Beisicht.”

Most people don’t describe neo-Nazis as “concerned citizens,” but Walker isn’t most people. Over the years she’s been willing to defend white nationalism on seemingly any front. In 2004, for example, Walker was one of the biggest supporters of an attempt by immigration restrictionists to take over the Sierra Club. Over at VDARE.com, Walker gave an ardent leg up to Génération Identitaire, calling them “French Patriots.” What makes you a French patriot in Walker’s mind? Manifesto lines like this:

“We are the generation of ethnic fracture, total failure of coexistence, and forced mixing of the races.”

Génération Identitaire is the grassroots mobilization arm of the political party Bloc Identitaire (BI). Nicholas Lebourg and Dominique Sistach detail BI’s in their recent essay, “The Role of Underground Music in the Renewal of the French Radical Right-Wing”:

“Following the 2002 dissolution of the nationalist-revolutionary Unité Radicale (Radical Unity) group, Bloc Identitaire (Identity Bloc) was founded, again led by Fabrice Robert. After becoming a political party in 2009, [BI] has subsequently played the role of ideological provocateur  on issues of identity and Islamophobia, and as such influencing both the Front National (National Front) and the Government itself.”

According to Searchlight, BI hosted infamous American white nationalist “intellectual” Jared Taylor at a March 2012 rally. Taylor has, of course, written for both The Social Contract and VDARE, and sought the counsel of John Tanton when launching his group, American Renaissance.

Brenda Walker and her white nationalist allies will continue to look longingly at the visibility of their neo-Nazi counterparts in Europe. As these extremists make inroads into our nation’s immigration debate, it’s worth paying attention what they’re dragging in with them.

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