NumbersUSA Loses Key Congressional Allies in Election 2012

Guest Blogger • Nov 13, 2012

By April Callen

NumbersUSA’s president Roy Beck promised lots of live commentary election night. But when the results started rolling in, he went quiet. At 9PM his last post alluded to just how disastrous the outcome was for the anti-immigrant lobby. He wrote, “Perhaps Romney didn’t communicate his position adeptly enough.  Even more likely is that most Hispanic voters marked their ballots based on a host of other issues in their choice for president.”

Trying to convince NumbersUSA’s members that immigration didn’t play into the election results is savvy messaging, but it isn’t accurate and Beck knows it. The day after the election the spin continued with a NumbersUSA blog that proclaimed victory. The group has a grading system for lawmakers – it gives out report cards that rank them from A plus to F minus (most anti-immigrant to least) and awards “blue ribbons” to lawmakers who consistently sponsor anti-immigrant bills. But the real stars in NumbersUSA’s book are “True Reformers.” These are legislators who, according to the group’s website, have “taken the NumbersUSA survey and answered questions on a number of immigration issues in a way that warrants our top rating for a candidate.”

Although many grade A and B legislators squeaked through, NumbersUSA lost some of its strongest allies. Most notably, incumbent Brian Bilbray, chair of the Immigration Reform Law Institute and a “true reformer,” lost his seat in California’s 52nd district. Below are the outcomes of other races involving the friends and enemies of the anti-immigrant movement (candidates marked “not listed” are not graded by NumbersUSA).

Clearly, not as rosy a picture as NumbersUSA would like us to believe.


  • District 52: Winner, Scott Peters, Democrat (not listed) | Incumbent, Bill Bilbray, Republican True Reformer Grade: A
  • District 7 *Undecided: Ami Bera, Democrat, in the lead (not listed) | Incumbent, Dan Lungren, Republican Grade: A


  • District 6: Winner, Mike Coffman, Republican, True Reformer A+ | Opponent: Joe Miklosi, Democrat (not listed)


  • District 18 *Recount requested by West: Winner, Patrick Murphy, Democrat (not listed) | Incumbent, Allen West, Republican, Grade A


  • District 12: Winner/Incumbent, John Barrow, Democrat, Grade: A


  • District 11: Winner, Bill Foster, Democrat (not listed) | Incumbent,  Judy Biggert, Republican, GRADE B-


  • District 3: Winner, Tom Latham, Republican, GRADE B 
  • Iowa District 4: Winner/Incumbenet, Steve King, Republican, True Reformer GRADE A


  • District 6: Winner, John Delaney, Democrat (not listed) |  Incumbent, Roscoe Bartlett  True Reformer Grade A


  • District 6: Winner/Incumbent, John Tierney, Democrat Grade D-


  • District 1: Winner/Incumbent, Dan Benishek, Republican, Grade A


  • District 8: Winner, Rick Nolan, Democrat (not listed) | Incumbent, Chip Cravaack, Grade A


  • District 3: Joe Heck, Republican Grade A-


  • District 1: Winner, Carol Shea Porter, Democrat (not listed) |Incumbent, Charlie Bass, Republican Grade B +
  • District 2: Winner, Ann McLane Kuster, Democrat  (not listed) | Incumbent, Frank Guinta, Republican Grade A


  • District 18: Winner, Sean Maloney, Democrat (not listed) | Incumbent, Nan Hayworth, Republican Grade B+
  • District 19: Incumbent Chris Gibson, Republican Grade B+
  • District 27: Winner, Chris Collins, Republican, (not listed) | Incumbent, Cathy Hochul, Democrat Grade C


  • District 7  *Up for recount: Incumbent/”winner”, Mike McIntrye, Democrat Grade B+
  • District 8: Winner, Richard Hudson, Republican (not listed) | Incumbent, Larry Kissell, Democrat Grade A-


  • District 16: Winner/Incumbent  Jim Renacci, Republican Grade B |  Betty Sutton, Democrat Grade F


  • District 8: Winner/ incumbent, Mike Fitzpatrick, Republican Grade A-
  • District 12: Winner, Mike Rothfus, Republican, (not listed) | Incumbent, Mark Critz, Democrat Grade C+


  • District 1: Winner/Incumbent, David Cicilline, Democrat Grade F


  • District 23: Winner, Pete Gallego, Democrat (not listed) | Incumbent, Quico Canseco, Republican Grade B+


  • District 4: Winner/Incumbent, Jim Matheson, Democrat Grade C+
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