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Concession Not Secession: Nativists Lose Staunch Sentinel in Congress

Aaron Patrick Flanagan • Nov 16, 2012

FORMER House Rep. and House Immigration Reform Caucus chair, Brian Bilbray

Brian Bilbray was a paid lobbyist for the anti-immigrant group Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) before he served them as the chair of the FAIR-backed House Immigration Reform Caucus. Bilbray, a nativist, anti-immigrant stalwart, lost one of the hardest fought, biggest money congressional races during this election cycle to Scott Peters, the Democratic challenger now-turned Congressman-elect.

Today Bilbray called Peters to concede and congratulate his opponent.

Bilbray’s defeat will create a void on the Hill for FAIR and the established anti-immigrant movement, but for how long no one knows. Without question, though, this is at least in the short-term a massive loss for the anti-immigrant movement.

All those concerned with immigrant rights should pay close attention to whom fills Bilbray’s position as chair of HIRC, as whomever assumes the role will prove a rigid opponent to immigrant rights and racial justice for his or her stay in the House.

The Washington Post covers Bilbray’s concession here.

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