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Krikorian cites white-nationalist Steve Sailer in National Review

Imagine 2050 Staff • Mar 31, 2014

In a National Review Online (NRO) article published today, Center for Immigration Studies executive director Mark Krikorian linked to an article written by white nationalist Steve Sailer for The American Conservative. Krikorian linked to Sailer’s piece while discussing organized labor leader Cesar Chavez’s stance on immigration and border security. Krikorian claimed that Chavez and his supporters’ actions were decidedly different than the “peaceful and hands-off Minuteman gatherings a few years ago.” Sailer’s piece, which was published in 2006, posited a similar thesis.

The writings of Steve Sailer, who regularly contributes to the white nationalist website were also recently noted by Ann Coulter. During those remarks at the Conservative Political Action Conference, Coulter also called for the organization of “death squads” to target supporters of immigration reforms. Krikorian too has recently invoked the writings and theories of white nationalists. Last month he cited Sam Francis’ concept of “anarcho-tyranny” in a NRO column.

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