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CNC releases first quarterly assessment of nativist threats

Lindsay Schubiner • Jun 01, 2016
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Over the past year, inflammatory rhetoric in the presidential campaign has bolstered nativism in the media and in state legislatures. Organized anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim movements have not only profited from the nativist tide; they helped create the conditions that allow this fear-mongering to flourish.

In light of the national surge of nativism and its effects on state legislatures and local organizing, the Center for New Community is releasing an assessment of organized nativist activity across the country.

Anti-Immigrant and Anti-Muslim Threats in the United States: A Quarterly Assessment | Summer 2016

The threat assessment is intended to be used as a resource for state and local organizations and activists working with communities impacted by nativism, to provide information about existing nativist threats, and to serve as a warning about current trends in organized hate in the political debate.

The threat assessment focuses on state and regional nativist activity tied to organized racist movements. We do not attempt to describe all nativist activity nationally; that is beyond the scope of the report. The report does include, for instance, state legislation proposed by legislators with ties to the organized anti-Muslim movement or supported by the organized anti-immigrant movement. The assessment  similarly includes non-legislative organizing and events supported by anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, or anti-refugee leaders or groups.

Within these bounds, we have prioritized legislation or activities that pose greater threats, and have seen serious nativist mobilization behind them. The assessment covers nativist activity since the beginning of 2016.

Photo credit (Source: Dawn Paley, via Flickr. Modifications made. Licensed under Creative Commons.)

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