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There Goes the Neighborhood: November 11, 2016

Imagine2050 Staff • Nov 11, 2016

There Goes the Neighborhood is a weekly series from Imagine 2050 staff highlighting upcoming nativist events.

This week, an anti-Muslim seminar is scheduled in Florida.

On Sunday, November 13, Citizens for National Security (CFNS) will host a seminar by Sebastian Gorka in Boca Raton, Florida. Gorka is a former national security editor at Breitbart News and, as Buzzfeed reported earlier this year, was a paid consultant to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Gorka will give a presentation titled, “Islamist Ideology: Cancer That Grows The Jihadi Threat.” Gorka spoke alongside other anti-Muslim conspiracy theorists at a conference in Maryland in July and at the far-right Values Voter Summit in September.

CFNS has worked alongside other far-right and anti-Muslim groups like the Eagle Forum and ACT for America to counter supposed pro-Muslim bias in school textbooks. In March, the group hosted a screening of a film it produced on the subject titled Textbooks and Terrorists.

Additional information on this nativist event and others can be found in the map below. A red star indicates events scheduled for next week.

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