We will defend each other

Lindsay Schubiner • Jan 20, 2017
Image by Kate DeCiccio
Image by Kate DeCiccio

As Donald Trump takes office today, people across the country are recognizing that now is the time to take a public stand against hate and bigotry. Trump’s inauguration represents the ascent of the most virulent racism, nativism, and sexism (and more) that this country’s political system has seen in a long time.

Trump is bringing to the White House not just his hateful rhetoric and his devastating (if sometimes nonsensical) policy proposals; he is also bringing some of the most dangerous anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant extremists in this country, and they are ready to turn their dark dreams into reality.

Our only bulwark against hate is each other–our communities showing up for each other and protecting each other. And of course, calling out the haters each and every time.

That’s why the Center for New Community, American Friends Service Committee, Forward Together, Jewish Voice for Peace, and Showing Up for Racial Justice partnered with artists Micah Bazant and Kate DeCiccio to produce these meaningful images.

You can download them and post them in your school, your community center, or your business to send the message that everyone is welcome and that you will stand up against racism. If you’re a teacher, you can use the images along with this crowd-sourced K-12 discussion guide.

We hope you are as inspired by these images as we are and use them to strengthen your resistance to forces of hate.





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