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There Goes the Neighborhood: March 10, 2017

Imagine2050 Staff • Mar 10, 2017

There Goes the Neighborhood is a weekly series from Imagine 2050 staff highlighting upcoming nativist events.

This week, multiple nativist figures are scheduled to speak at a conference in Washington, D.C.

Beginning on Thursday, March 16, the National Review Institute will host its biennial Ideas Summit in Washington, D.C. Mark Krikorian, of the disingenuous anti-immigrant think tank Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), and anti-Muslim commentator Andrew McCarthy are among the National Review contributors slated to speak at the event. As Imagine 2050 previously reported, Krikorian and McCarthy were instrumental in creating the “extreme vetting” euphemism used to justify the Trump campaign’s proposed Muslim ban. Since Inauguration Day, both Krikorian and McCarthy have defended the Trump administration’s extreme actions related to immigration and foreign travel, essentially serving as media surrogates for the White House.

Others expected at next week’s event include House Speaker Paul Ryan and Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AK). Cotton recently introduced legislation that would significantly curtail legal immigration. The bill was welcomed by leaders of the anti-immigrant movement.

Additional information on this event and others can be found in the map below. A red star indicates events scheduled for next week.

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