Frank Wuco

    Frank Wuco. Photo source: Fox News
    Frank Wuco. Photo source: Fox News

    Senior White House advisor for the Department of Homeland Security and proponent of anti-Muslim conspiracy theories

    Previous to his White House position, Frank Wuco worked as a radio host and right-wing national security pundit making appearances on conservative media platforms like Fox News. During media appearances, Wuco regularly espoused anti-Muslim conspiracy theories and advocated for unconstitutional mosque surveillance programs, as highlighted by Media Matters for America. For example, Wuco has said that Muslims in the U.S. “by-and-large” are “resist[ing] assimilation” and seek to enact Shariah law in the country in order to “subjugate and humiliate non-Muslim members.”

    Given these extremist anti-Muslim views, it is no surprise that Wuco also has connections to figures in the organized anti-Muslim movement.

    • In 2016, Wuco was interviewed by Florida-based anti-Muslim activist Tom Trento following the Pulse nightclub mass shooting. During the interview, Wuco told Trento that there was “nothing radical” about the mass shooter, Omar Mateen, but rather simply “he is a Muslim who is following the scriptures of Islam and its guidance and prescriptions for violence and warfare against unbelievers.”
    • In 2008, Wuco spoke alongside several notorious anti-Muslim figures at a symposium titled “Exposing the Threat of Islamist Terrorism.” The event was put on by America’s Truth Forum, a group set up to warn about the so-called “radical Islamist threat posed to our country.” Wuco appeared alongside anti-Muslim conspiracy theorists Frank Gaffney and Robert Spencer.
    • Wuco previously featured Brigitte Gabriel, the founder of anti-Muslim grassroots group ACT for America, numerous times on his now-defunct radio program. Gabriel, who has said, “Every practicing Muslim is a radical Muslim,” has also advocated putting “spies within mosques” to find out “who’s being radicalized.”
    • Wuco did a 2011 radio interview with Walid Phares, another anti-Muslim spokesperson turned Trump advisor.
    • In 2010, Wuco invited anti-Muslim blogger and activist Robert Spencer to speak on his radio program.
    • Wuco has connections to Frank Gaffney and his anti-Muslim think tank Center for Security Policy (CSP). In 2010, he interviewed Gaffney and CSP employee Christopher Holton on his radio show.
    • In 2012, Wuco appeared on Frank Gaffney’s “Secure Freedom Radio.” During the program, Wuco engaged with Gaffney about Muslim Brotherhood conspiracy theories. He said after the Brotherhood gained power in Egypt under Mohamed Morsi, in 2012, that it would soon seek to turn its sights on the U.S. because “the agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood is the Islamification of not just Egypt, but the planet. It’s a religious quest for them.”

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