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There Goes the Neighborhood: November 3, 2017

Imagine2050 Staff • Nov 03, 2017

There Goes the Neighborhood is a weekly series from Imagine 2050 staff highlighting upcoming nativist events.

This week, events in California, Ohio, Maryland, and Washington, D.C.

On Friday, November 3, the white nationalist H.L. Mencken Club will hold its tenth annual conference outside Baltimore, Maryland. Speakers at the two-day event include’s Peter Brimelow and John Derbyshire. H.L. Mencken Club President Paul Gottfried, the paeloconservative writer credited with coining the term “alternative right,” will also speak.

Also, on Friday November 3, and going through Sunday, November 5, anti-immigrant group The Remembrance Project will hold its second annual national conference in Washington, D.C. As Imagine 2050 reported last month, conference speakers will include Immigration and Customs Enforcement official Barbara Gonzalez, and several individuals with ties to white nationalism like Rick Oltman and Steve Bannon.

On Sunday, November 5, anti-Muslim group American Freedom Alliance will hold an event in Los Angeles, California. Tilted, “Crushing Free Speech: How the Left Silences Dissent and How We Can Fight Back,” will feature multiple far-right and anti-Muslim conspiracy theorists including Trevor Loudon, Frank Gaffney, and Jamie Glazov. The event will also include a screening of Loudon’s new film American Under Seige: Antifa. In August, AFA hosted a variety of nativist speakers at a conference blaming immigration for “the destruction of California.”

Finally, on Wednesday, November 8, longtime far-right conspiracy theory group John Birch Society will host a presentation by the group’s former president, John McManus, in Independence, Ohio. McManus’s presentation will focus on the United Nations—an evergreen target of right wing conspiracy theories and vitriol. While they are not hosting the event, the Cleveland chapter of anti-Muslim group ACT for America has endorsed the event. In an October 31 message to supporters, the chapter promoted the event, claiming “These events are not ACT meetings, but our local chapter does support them.”

Additional information on these events and others can be found in the map below. A red star indicates events scheduled for next week.

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