Kobach-led Secure States Initiative pushes voter suppression in the name of states’ rights

Of his home state, Secretary of State Kris Kobach once said, “Ideally, Kansas can become a place where conservative ideas of government are tried and exported to other states.” Through the years, Kobach has made good on his dim ideal, which, like … Continued

League of the South Billboard in Appears in Florida

Last weekend, the neo-Confederate League of the South (LoS) unveiled a new billboard in Tallahassee, Florida. The white billboard features the word “secede” in large black letters along with LoS’ website and stands on a street leading towards the Florida … Continued


Eagle Forum Releases Immigration Report Full of Untruths

Since 1972, the Eagle Forum (EF) has been putting the “paleo” in paleo-conservative. Founded by anti-women’s rights movement activist Phyllis Schlafly, EF has long pushed back on nearly any non-white Christian social group seeking to claim civil and/or human rights … Continued


Converging Bigotry: Nativist Movement Begins to Focus on Muslim Immigration

The present Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) debate, as political debates tend to do, has produced much ugliness from the organized nativist movement, both anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim alike. While both rail on separate-but-not-mutually-exclusive talking points, the anti-Muslim sphere has begun focusing … Continued

Richmond Mayor Seeks to Gentrify Along Slave Burial Ground

During the opening couple lines of his song “Prosser’s Gabriel,” Tim Barry sings, “Does anyone know the name Gabriel Prosser? My conscience says he’s the one that history missed.” As something of memorializing, Barry’s song seeks to mark absences and … Continued


Tank the “Do-Tank”: On Tommy Robinson’s Progressions into White Nationalism

Occasionally, we come across reformed bigots who realize they must prove the sincerity of their individual conversions. Tommy Robinson — former leader of the cabal of drunks, drug addicts, football hooligans, et al that still constitutes the fractious English Defence … Continued

Matthew Heimbach Further Embraces Violent Neo-Nazis

In a recent blog, we highlighted Matthew Heimbach’s recent iteration that “Anyone who supports the [white supremacist terror slogan of] 14 Words is an ally of mine in this common struggle.” Outside of Phildelphia on Saturday October 19, 2013, Heimbach … Continued

Matthew Heimbach of Traditionalist Youth Network Aligns With Racist Terrorists

Buried shallowly within the recent revelations that Matthew Heimbach, former leader of the Youth for Western Civilization/White Student Union chapters at Townson Univeristy, is now committed to attending and to speaking before violent neo-Nazi groups was an important confession. Heimbach … Continued

Senator to the Extreme: Who Exactly Is Ted Cruz Standing With?

Much hullabaloo surrounded the recent one-man performance piece of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), which was staged in one of the great theaters of our nation’s capitol last week. The good senator’s 24-ish hour tirade, more a fundraising appeal than impassioned … Continued