For the Far-Right, Promoting America’s Diversity is Divisive

Aside from the Denver Broncos devastating loss to the Seattle Seahawks last Sunday, the most talked about moment from Super Bowl XLVIII was a Coca-Cola commercial, titled, “America is Beautiful.” The 60 second spot featured a multilingual rendition of “America … Continued


Conflict of Interest: NYC Mayoral Candidate Poses with Chief Islamophobe Pam Geller, Defends Muslim Surveillance

In February of this year, New York mayoral hopeful Republican Joe Lhota visited the Queens Republican Club to witness one of the premier anti-Muslim activists within the Islamophobia movement, Pamela Geller, receive the “Patriot of the Year” award. Lhota’s seeming … Continued

Imagine 2050 Celebrates 5 Years!

In 2008, the election of the country’s first African American president was on the horizon. Couple that with by the year 2050, one in five Americans will be foreign-born, and you have a time where American identity was beginning (and … Continued

Islamophobe Daniel Greenfield Calls Islam a “Gang Religion”

David Horowitz Freedom Center fellow Daniel Greenfield wrote an op-ed calling Islam a “gang religion” whose sole purpose is “killing non-Muslims.” He claims the rest of the framework of Islam such as preaching love and virtue was borrowed from other … Continued