Food + Justice = Democracy

On September 24-26, the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, IATP, will hold its Food + Justice = Democracy national meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  With its long history as one of the nation’s premiere agricultural policy and research organization, ITAP … Continued

Black Community Vital to Countering Increased Islamophobia

As widely reported around the world, the tragic shooting at a Wisconsin Sikh temple bares evidence of the devastating impact of hate and bigotry. In an effort to counter increasingly xenophobic and Islamophobic rhetoric, a range of justice-oriented organizations called … Continued

Groundbreaking Report on Food Chain Workers Released Today

Today, the Food Chain Workers Alliance released a new report, The Hands That Feed Us: Challenges and Opportunities for Workers Along the Food Chain. The report details “the state of the food chain worker,” captures the experiences of workers, and … Continued

Inconsistencies Plague Concealed Weapons Laws, Cloud Trayvon Martin Investigation

Millions of Americans go about their daily lives carrying a gun–legally poised to “defend themselves” in one form or another. Not surprising in the land of plenty. For years, state lawmakers have been bombarded by the lobbying arm the National … Continued

Nativists, “Anti-HB 56 March Trivializes Civil Rights Protests of the Past”

True to its bigoted, anti-immigrant agenda, the John Tanton Network is once again attempting to foster disunity among African American, Black, and immigrant communities. In his article from last week in The Daily Caller, “Anti-HB 56 march trivializes civil rights … Continued

LA’s KFI AM 640 Finally Suspends Controversial Radio Hosts

A Los Angeles radio station was recently held accountable for the ongoing race baiting radio program of two notorious radio hosts. KFI AM 640 (Los Angeles) suspended John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou, the hosts of the “John and Ken Show,” … Continued

USDA’s Blueprint for Stronger Service Budget Cuts Hurt the Heartland

The United States Agriculture Department (USDA) and Secretary Tom Vilsack have been busy the past couple of months shopping their budget and staff reduction package, Blueprint for Stronger Service, which is purported to assist industry producers and move our economy … Continued