The Deteriorating Safety Conditions Facing Somali Workers in Minnesota’s Meat Processing Plants

The general level of safety of Somali workers has been eroding for some time inside the Jenneo plant in Melrose, Minnesota, but today I would like to share with you a story of one worker who has endured tremendous challenges—challenges … Continued


Refugee Struggles in Minnesota’s Meat-Packing Plants

Over the last two decades the trend of Somali refugees moving from their war torn homeland to America, so often finding work in small meat packing plants, has had a profound impact in small towns across the Midwest and the … Continued


The hardships faced by refugees in rural meat-packing communities intensifies daily

The impact the economic crisis has had on the refugee community in central Minnesota is significant. The major layoffs at the end of 2008 resulted in a number of refugees that are still out of work. After their employment benefits … Continued

Terry Jones: An Attack On Our Freedom

Over the last two years we have seen a tide of hate-mongering and Muslim-bashing wash across the United States.  Mosques have been attacked in California and Tennessee, and ever since the Islamic Cultural Center was planned for lower Manhattan, it … Continued


Hope in the Making, Somali Americans Run for School Board

The most recent primary election was quite extraordinary for a new group of Americans who live in Saint Cloud, Minnesota. For the last 10 or so years, school issues have been a big topic of discussion for the Somali and … Continued


Somali Community Concerned About Recent Vandalism

The red spray paint on the front window of Somali-owned Hormud Market had not a so subtle message: “GO HOME.” The bigot who painted the graffiti could have chosen any other grocery store in town, but painting those sentiments in … Continued


Somalis in Minnesota Celebrate 50 Years of Independence

Somalis in Minnesota marked the 50th anniversary of the Somali Independence Day on Thursday at Saint Cloud’s State University Hall. Hundreds of Somalis and their friends gathered to celebrate the 50th anniversary. In 2007, Ghana became the first African country … Continued