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My name is George Garza, Jr., and I am a first generation American. My grandfather worked in the US for 3 years in order to have my family brought over the border in the 60's. At the moment, I am in my twenties, a student of music business, a community organizer with Local 782 and the Media Justice League in San Antonio,TX, my hometown. I am a working class musician in a band called Pop Pistol, a singer-songwriter myself, an aspiring documentarian, and all around artist. The more I learn about the past, the more I care about the future. I am an idealist whose dreams have little regard for financial systems or business. I share my perspective in the same respect, without much attention to facts and more focus on respect for the soul. I am not an expert on business, politics, or psychology, though I have been given a forum to express my thoughts and feelings regarding the current struggles of society and the relation of those three subjects. My work revolves around my band, my music community, and media justice. I seek to identify simple ideas about humanity that shed light on social situations, but my ideas are my own, and if you find truth in my words, I'd say you are an optimist as I am today. I prefer to write something that enriches someone's life or sparks an internal dialogue rather than infuriates. This is food for thought. To know more, search: Pop Pistol, Local 782, Media Justice League
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