Five reasons why everyone should continue criticizing ACT!’s Brigitte Gabriel

Anti-Muslim figurehead tired of being criticized for always criticizing Muslims. On July 16, anti-Muslim demagogue Brigitte Gabriel appeared on a conservative radio show to make her case against being labeled “Islamophobic.” Gabriel was responding to broad criticism that she has … Continued

Sheriffs’ participation in FAIR’s Border Tour deviate from responsibilities

Local sheriffs should be impartial peacemakers, not anti-immigrant spokespersons In its 2012 annual report, the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) noted that it was expanding its outreach efforts to law enforcement officials: “Our commitment to educating the American public … Continued

Key players in anti-Immigrant movement to meet in Iowa on July 19th

The Remembrance Project (TRP) — an anti-immigrant effort whose principals hold close ties with numerous influential nativist organizations –  recently sent an email to supporters, announcing more details regarding its “Louise Sollowin Memorial Event” this Saturday in Council Bluffs, Iowa. … Continued

Anti-immigrant Arizona sheriff prompts protest against migrant children

An Arizona sheriff with a history of anti-immigrant rhetoric and activism has provided Oracle, Arizona residents with information to inspire an anti-immigrant demonstration today. Oracle local Robert Skiba, who plans to protest a proposed site to shelter children fleeing violence … Continued

West: Migrant children are part of Democrats’ plan to boost voter base

The nation was surprised to learn that since October, more than 52,000 Central American children have been detained after fleeing violence in their home countries. What has not been surprising has been the organized nativist movement’s efforts to politicize the … Continued


Murrieta protest organizers have history of anti-Muslim activism

The shameful actions of anti-immigrant protesters who have blocked buses transporting Central American children fleeing violence to a Border Patrol facility for processing have been some of the most explicit public displays of nativism in recent memory. With intimidating chants … Continued

Tennessee nativists oppose possible refugee release of detained children

Local ACT! for America chapter leads predictable charge As the nation continues to sort out whether or not the tens of thousands of children who fled violence in Central America will be granted asylum, prominent nativist groups in Tennessee are … Continued

‘Go back home!’: Nativist hypocrisy in the Murrieta protests

Anti-immigrant activists slow deportation proceedings, obstruct the very enforcement they demand As officials continue to work on solving the humanitarian crisis at the U.S/Mexico border, anti-immigrant activists have become increasingly brazen in their opposition to the rights of children and … Continued

Citing public health concerns, Gaffney calls migrant children a ‘toxic invasion’

After previously calling the thousands of migrant children fleeing violence a “dangerous invasion,” anti-Muslim activist Frank Gaffney has now deemed them a “toxic invasion,” citing the reports from conservative media outlets about illnesses in the detention centers. In a brief … Continued