CIS’s Jon Freere exploits Boston Marathon attack to argue against DREAM Act

In a blog post published yesterday on the one-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings, Center for Immigration Studies (CIS)  legal policy analyst Jon Feere cited  the bombers in an attempt to counter the messaging used by advocates DREAM Act and similar … Continued

Arpaio to anti-Semitic newspaper: ‘I don’t talk. I take action.’

Anti-immigrant Sheriff Joe Arpaio and representatives from two prominent anti-immigrant organizations recently provided interviews to American Free Press (AFP), an anti-Semitic newspaper founded by white nationalist and Holocaust denier Willis Carto. “I have a gun and badge. I don’t talk. … Continued


FAIR’s scaled-down radio event suggests waning influence for anti-immigrant movement

Last week, the Federation for American Immigration Reform held its annual anti-immigrant radio event “Hold Their Feet to the Fire” in Washington, D.C. Advertised as “the nation’s largest immigration media event,” the annual event is a flagship event for the … Continued

In Gaffney interview, Kobach urges more states to pass anti-Shariah bills

Yesterday, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach discussed the supposed threat of Shariah law being applied in American courts with anti-Muslim conspiracy theorist Frank Gaffney. The exchange occurred during a taping of Gaffney’s Secure Freedom Radio program at “Hold Their … Continued

Anti-Muslim activists seethe after Brandeis withdraws honor to Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Brandeis University announced yesterday it would withdraw its offer to present Islamophobe Ayaan Hirsi Ali with an honorary degree, triggering an uproar among anti-Muslim and far-Right activists. Brandeis decided to rescind the award after students and other groups signed a … Continued


U.S. anti-immigrant groups push policies that mirror Geert Wilders’ platform

As Dutch politician Geert Wilders led members of his Party for Freedom (PVV) in chants deriding Moroccan immigrants in the Netherlands, many U.S.-based Islamophobes defended him from criticism. Meanwhile, there are other organizations and individuals in America that seem to … Continued

Breitbart contributor Pat Dollard calls for ‘slaughter of Muslims in the streets’

Updated 04/03/2014 In the wake of tragedy, Breitbart News contributor Pat Dollard called for the widespread “slaughtering” of Muslims. Dollard made the claim on Twitter following early reports of a shooting at the Fort Hood military outpost in Killeen, Texas. … Continued

U.S. Islamophobes stand by Wilders as his own party members defect

Dutch politician Geert Wilders has once again become the subject of controversy after he led supporters in an anti-Moroccan chant during a campaign rally last month. Despite the mass condemnation he has received for the remarks, Wilders’ anti-Muslim counterparts in … Continued