Audio: December 2009 Blogcast

This month we meet with another activist fighting for the basic civil right called marriage. As you probably know, here in California Proposition 8 passed late last year and court challenges have not been successful in overturning the discriminatory law … Continued


Audio: March 2009 Blogcast

As you have most likely read on the 2050 blog, there has been some heavy anti-immigrant activity in Arizona lately. Many of the people caught in this war on immigrants are the regions Native (American) population. In light of this … Continued


Audio: (Part 2) One Be Lo on Hip-hop and Being American.

What does it mean to be “Hip-Hop”? What does it mean to be “American”? In part two of our visit with Michigan-based hip-hop artist One Be Lo, we get his take on both of these questions and what he feels … Continued


Audio: (Part 1) Hip-hop artist One Be Lo talks music, youth, and empowerment.

During this month’s hip-hop show “Stop the Circus. Stop Arpaio!” in Phoenix, Arizona, I got a chance to sit down with the popular underground hip-hop artist One Be Lo. So join us as we get the positive scoop from this … Continued


Audio: Stop Arpaio, Stop the Circus!

This week I’ve been in the area of Phoenix, Arizona documenting the organizing efforts of the young people here as they take a stand against the recent human rights abuses committed by Sheriff Joe Arpaio. With the assistance of the … Continued


Audio: 2050 Blogcast – July 2008

(Image gratefully borrowed from tomsaint’s photos on flicker.com/creativecommons) This month I bring you some audio that I captured during a summer trip the Middle East. What you will hear is an interview that I did with a person I met … Continued