Middle East Forum launches online law enforcement resource

Philadelphia, PA
Location: Web-based
Sponsor: Middle East Forum

aymennIn 2015, the anti-Muslim think tank Middle East Forum launched Jihad Intel, a website claiming to aid law enforcement officials by providing intelligence on so-called Islamic terrorist organizations.

Jihad Intel is billed as being a solution to the political correctness anti-Muslim actors say is preventing law enforcement from being able to identify threats from Islamic extremists. The website claims it helps law enforcement “distinguish Islamist violence from, say, drug deals gone bad.”

According to a press release from the Middle East Forum founder and president Daniel Pipes, the website “gives police tools to identify terrorists acting on behalf of Islam and to connect the dots before a terrorist incident takes place.”

The project is run by Middle East Forum fellow Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi, who Vice News describes as “part of a set dubbed the [online] jihadi hunters — a new breed of completely self-taught researcher who comb the social networks for information about extremists and then post their findings to blogs.”

Law enforcement, however, do not appear to be the only target audience and the website is listed as being a resource for “interested citizens” as well.

In a June 5, 2016 correspondence, the Middle East Forum claimed, ”Pennsylvania police academies now use [Jihad Intel] materials.”

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