Brig Barker, former FBI agent with law enforcement ties, becomes ACT for America fellow

Virginia Beach, VA
Location: ACT for America
Sponsor: ACT for America

mugshots-brigACT for America published an article on August 2, 2016 from its fellow Brig Barker, a retired FBI counterterrorism agent. In it, Barker suggests reallocating military funds to local law enforcement and border patrol as well as well as “exponentially” increasing the “education and awareness” of law enforcement and prosecutors about the “jihadist” threat.

Aside from being an ACT employee, Barker is the CEO of Counterterrorism Consultants International. He is also known to have contributed problematic material to an FBI counterterrorism guide titled Terrorism & Political Islam. According to a 2011 article from WIRED:

A section on interviewing and interrogation, for instance, written by FBI special agents Brig Barker and Molly Amman, counsels that a sample interview with a terror suspect could begin, “What do you think about the situation in Iraq?” and proceed to elicit anti-American answers. Someone with “a patriotic and pro-Western stance” might become a potential informant, they write. By contrast, someone who doesn’t support the war could “indicate the individual follows militant ideology.”

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