David Bores holds eight-hour law enforcement course on “Islamic Ideology”

Lexington, NE
Location: Dawson County Sheriff's Office Law Enforcement Center
Sponsor: Dawson County Sheriff’s Office

davidLt. Gen. (Ret.) David Bores taught an 8-hour course at the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office Law Enforcement Center in Nebraska. The course, titled “Islamist Ideology: Does it Conflict with Our Law Enforcement Mission?” was eligible for 8 credit hours as approved by the Georgia Peace Officer Standards And Training Council (POST). Bores, who is a certified POST instructor, has no formal training in Islamic theology. Yet the course focused primarily on the threat to law enforcement officers posed by Muslims and Islam.

The course appears to be riddled with anti-Muslim bias and conspiracy theories. According to the syllabus, Bores claims law enforcement are in a “uniquely difficult situation” when dealing with Muslims. He writes that “because Islam is a widely recognized and practiced religion, many believe we must automatically grant to it all the rights and privileges offered to other expressions of worship, lest we be accused of being politically incorrect, of being intolerant of multi-cultural beliefs, or worse, of being labeled Islamophobic.”

Bores is listed as an “adjunct instructor” on “radical Islam” for the anti-Muslim think tank the Center of Security Policy (CSP). CSP has been labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Bores claims his course outlines “information about the current state of Islam with particular attention given to the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood and its supporters in the United States and their five stage plan for imposing their [Shariah] law in our country.”

According to a biography page, Bores was said to have served on the “State Law Enforcement Certification Committee, Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police; Past Executive Board Member, Georgia Police Accreditation Coalition, and a current member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police.”

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