John Guandolo law enforcement training rejected by community college following pressure

Dallas, TX
Location: Fair Park Bible Fellowship Church
Sponsor: Cedar Valley College Police Chief Anthony Williams, Edward Smith, Stephen Broden

johnOn June 3, John Guandolo was scheduled to host an all-day training seminar for “law enforcement officials and community leaders” at Cedar Valley College in Lancaster, Texas. According to public records obtained by the Center for New Community, the event was sponsored and promoted by Cedar Valley College police chief Anthony Williams and Edward Smith, an ordained minister and local police chaplain. These records also show four Dallas District Attorney Investigators, Robert Miller, Jimmy Patterson, Johnny Delgado, and Rick Burner, were approved to attend the training by Cynthia Lira of the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office.

After pressure from advocacy organizations, Cedar Valley College canceled the event. Guandolo claimed it was the work of “suit wearing jihadis.” The event was moved to Fair Park Bible Fellowship, a Dallas-based church headed by Tea Party Pastor Stephen Broden. An article published at the website ‘Counterjihad’ revealed Williams attended the event and was “joined by other local police chiefs, as well as officials with the Dallas County district attorney’s office.” A tweet from Guandolo also revealed that at least one police officer attend the event.

UTT Dallas tweet

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