Ryan Mauro trains at San Diego law enforcement symposium

San Diego, CA
Location: Undisclosed
Sponsor: California Association of Tactical Officers

ryanThe California Association of Tactical Officers (CATO) partnered with Ryan Mauro for a two-day law enforcement symposium on “Islamic terrorism.” The event, which took place at an undisclosed location in San Diego, was exclusive to law enforcement personnel. Promotional materials say the training seminar was meant to equip law enforcement officials with the skills to “identify, prepare, prevent, or respond to incidents involving Islamic Terrorism.”

“A two day symposium designed to provide critical background information and motivating factors behind many of the recent and future Terrorist Attacks,” an advertisement for the event reads.

Despite criticism from advocacy groups, San Diego Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman refused to cancel the event. The Clarion Project, the anti-Muslim outfit where Mauro is employed, issued a statement saying, “It is important to thank Ms. Zimmerman for refusing to capitulate to Islamist bullying.”

Mauro later appeared on a radio show associated with anti-Muslim conspiracy theorist Frank Gaffney to provide a recap of the event. He noted, “besides a few cancellations, it was still sold out, still had a packed room, and it was very positively received.”

A public records request filed by the Center for New Community revealed a number of San Diego Police Department employees were subscribed to and receiving emails from the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT), an anti-Muslim think tank headed by Steve Emerson, as of June 3, 2016. According to documents received, dozens of SDPD employees were recipients of a mass email from IPT with the subject line “Western Leaders Perplexed on How to Counter Radical Islam,” which included various articles including one from Mauro.

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