John Guandolo leads three-day training in Arizona 

Glendale, AZ
Location: Glendale Regional Public Safety Training Center
Sponsor: Arizona Police Association, Arizona Tactical Officers Association

johnJohn Guandolo and his anti-Muslim consulting group Understanding the Threat led a three-day training in Glendale, Arizona. The training was sponsored by the Arizona Police Association and the Arizona Tactical Officers Association, and was titled “Understanding and Investigating the Jihadi Threat.”

According to a flyer for the training, Guandolo was scheduled to provide “a detailed understanding of street violence emerging from the alliance among the Muslim Brotherhood and violent anarchist groups including Black Lives Matter.”

The training was said to provide “an understanding of Sharia, its foundation, its authority, and its relation to threats posed by jihadis.” Guandolo has previously claimed that “Sharia adherent muslims are mentally ill.”

The course was offered at no cost and each day of the three-day training was scheduled to last nine hours (0800-1700 hours).

Dr. Levi Bolton serves as executive director of the Arizona Police Association. Bolton and his organization also have ties to a local Arizona border patrol union that has previously hosted former Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

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